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cytoSonic - Space360 [WiN] [x86] [Free]

cytoSonic – Space360

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Space 360 ​​-is the free rectilinear simulator of the room and effect of reverberation. Behind its artless interface difficult realization of three various, but interconnected algorithms for the wave front (Direct), early reflections (Reflect) and late reflections (Ambience).

The effect uses “regressive modeling” precisely to synthesize the most important elements of a sound of reverberation, when using of more centralized statistical approach to less important elements. The result combines realism of a svertochny reverberator with efficiency and flexibility algorithmic reverberations.

Features of a plug-in:

– Regressive modeling most precisely and effectively integrates all sections of effect.
– Absolutely scaled synthesis of the binaural wave front.
– Early reflections are adjusted on demand for realistic spatial signals.
– Adjustable HRTF with the scalable polar scheme of capture, focusing and cross distribution.
– Individually adjustable damping properties for each wall of the virtual room.
– Adjustable diffusion, dab (modulation) and lo-cut the filter in the tail of reverberation.
– All DSP were programmed manually on the built-in assembly to provide maximum efficiency.
– Works with any frequency of sampling.
– Easy, intuitively clear graphic interface.
– The user’s guide on one page.

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